Hello there! I'm Klaus. 👋

That's me in a photoshoot of sorts. I'm just hanging out with a toned glute and Bob the skeleton.

There I was, minding my own business in my rental apartment when I got an email from the Deans Office. The email was only a week old. Not even bad considering that sometimes I don't open my email for a month. Anyhoo, the international medicine program decided it was time to take new promotional photos, so they were looking for models among the students. A dozen students volunteered, including me. I figured a professional photographer might have the skill to get a decent shot of me.

The photoshoot was set to start in the Biomedicum and then continue at the hospital. The Biomedicum is a four-story building from the 90's dedicated to the life sciences. It's also where pre-clinical students have lectures and attempt dissection.

Klaus the Medical Student at Tartu, 2015-2021. Mostly literate, semi-coherent and big fan of cookies and running. 

I biked on a sunny afternoon to the Biomedicum.  I locked my bike at the front entrance and met up with the group. Just like a usual clinic day I had my lab / doctoring coat folded (arguably stuffed) into my back pack. I padded out the wrinkles and was ready to go.

First the photographer, let's call her Triin, took some shots inside. One of my favorite pictures is the one from the anatomy lab of me, the glute and Bob. Triin got another good shot of Ege, Efe and me biking to the clinic with helmets and white coats trailing behind us. That photo didn't make it to the promotional material.

In the clinic we made a scene where I was supposed to be teaching something. The best artist of our group drew an anatomically correct heart and I was instructed to point to it and look like I was teaching. The only issue was it felt so dumb that I couldn't keep a straight face. Lots of time and effort were used in photos where I was smiling so broad that I looked like a idiot.

The only picture of me in the promotional material was a selfie with all of the volunteers with me in the back. I guess it's a good thing I'm not dependent on my modelling career.

More recently I've been living back home in Finland. Monday to Friday I've driven to a primary care clinic where I do some "light" doctoring. Fortunately the clinic provides a white coat.

At work I listen to people's stories, study a few things and then do one of two things. Consult, refer or actually make a diagnosis. I also pass judgement on people's lifestyle and prescribe prescription drugs. Unlike a great restaurant, people who benefit from treatment don't necessarily return.

By 4-5 PM I'm caput, either by the force of imposter syndrome or by hypoglycemia. Occasionally, after work, I'll take to Twitter. It's a strange place where famous people post witty stuff and some other people post informative stuff. I mostly post comments that make me laugh, for which there is admittedly a low threshold. My activity of Twitter is best summed up by these two tweets of mine:

After work, once the whole hypoglycemia deal has been fixed I feel the need to move my butt that I've spent the whole day sitting on. Last week I went for a great run with a buddy thick snowfall. We hit all the main places in Pori, the river, the city center and park in Kirjurinluoto.

US tax reporting is an "fun and interesting" new thing I do. Fortunately, my fiancé Maia is on top of that business. Last year she handled both of tax reporting to the US! I couldn't figure it out and had to do two 10 min Headspace meditations to chill out.

In the future it's gonna get even more interesting, now that we both have stock portfolios. Securities investing as an American and Finn living in Finland is tricky business. I haven't completely I figured it out yet.

The gram is a decent place to kill some time. On Instagram I share pictures so that I can tell long-winded stories. Occasionally I'll make a short video, something like this:

Anyways, that's all I had to say about that. See ya!